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Can you really eat well
and live a full life? Absolutely.

When I launched Foodie With a Life I saw that my friends and I were working and living full lives but left with little time to prepare healthy, wholesome, delicious food – something we craved but didn’t prioritize. In 2011, I launched a blog as a resource for other busy people to access simple gourmet dishes with easy to follow instructions.

Now, as a mom, my need to provide healthy, delicious food for myself and my family hasn’t changed, but my perspective has. I’ve doubled down on strategies for menu planning and simple dishes with less ingredients.

It’s about having a loose plan for the week, setting yourself up for success and building your culinary toolbox. These recipes are straight from my kitchen and bustling life and I hope they find their way into yours as well.

Thanks for being here!

- Christina

“I have been in such a cooking rut with a busy family that FWAL’s menu planning program was just what I needed to add more flavor into my routine.”

— Annalee, FWAL Menu Planning Member


杏,别致的kpea Salad

Apricot & Chickpea Salad

Crispy Roasted Chicken

Crispy Roasted Chicken

Broccoli & Gruyere Quiche

Broccoli & Gruyere Quiche

COD en Papiotte.

COD en Papiotte.

“The FWAL menu plan has truly transformed my approach to eating, cooking, and nourishment.”

— Celina, FWAL Menu Planning Member