What if feeding your family could be easy,
intuitive and empowering?


Let’s feel great. No, let’s feel amazing! Feeding yourself is one of the important things you can do to feel incredible and with the FWAL approach, you’ll have the toolbox to make delicious home cooked food for your family that make’s you feel like the best version of you. Life is busy and staying on top of cooking or meal planning isn’t always easy, especally if you don’t have the tools to be successful. You’ve read the cookbooks, created Pinterest boards but something isn’t clicking and you keep relying on packaged food or take-out that leaves you bloated or depleated. What you need is a personalized approach to cooking and a doable solution that is not only realistic but brings real change. Great news! This is not your typical traditionally structured meal plan, it's amenuplan that builds your family’s cooking and kitchen toolbox. The result? You, feeling confident while cooking delicious, healthy meals, knowing that you’ve gained back a heck of a lot of time in your day because you’re not scrambling to get dinner on the table every night. You have a plan. Imagine what you could do with time gained back when you aren’t wondering what to eat and how to cook it?

With Menu Planning You Will:

  • Save time in the kitchen

  • Feel great about the food you’re feeding your family

  • Gain confidence cooking with a variety of ingredients

  • Create a plan that works for your family’s unique needs

  • Gain time back with your family and yourself

  • Learn how to encourage your family to try new flavors

  • 省钱的eating less takeout and packaged food

  • Reduce your family’s consumption of salt, sugar, preservatives and unpronounceable ingredients

  • Develop healthy habits by eating more whole foods

  • Encourage variety and exploration by introducing new flavors to your family

  • Sleep better because you will be eating healthy, unprocessed food

  • Feel more nourished and cared for

  • Ditch the overwhelm and feel supported with a plan that works for you



Build confidence in the kitchen. Every menu plan comes with an interactive hands-on class for you to practice skills, ask questions and learn.


No generic advice here! An in-depth survey is our starting point for creating a menu plan that works for you and your family’s unique needs.


米enu planning members have access to a private community space with group discussions and weekly check-ins.

“Prior to the FWAL menu plan, cooking felt like an unsustainable, overwhelming, and unattainable chore. Menu planning has been a catalyst for change in how I think about meals and cooking…making it accessible and fun”

— Celina, FWAL Menu Planning Member



What’s Included?

working with clients.png
  • 4-week guided course

  • 12 easy and healthy recipes to build your kitchen toolbox

  • Pantry audit

  • Live cooking class

  • Grocery lists

  • 米enu Plan best practices

  • Instructor and group support


I barely have time to cook as it is and don’t want to be in the kitchen all day. Is this program right for me?

Let’s get you time back in the day! Having a plan means dinner is off your to-do list and you can spend time intentionally. Your menu plan is customized, recipes include tips and tricks to help you deconstruct dinner so you’re not making multiple meals to suit everyone. Foodie with a Life is about having a full life outside the kitchen. Through this program, you’ll learn simple tricks that give you time back in your day. Imagine what you could do with an extra 30 minutes!

I’m already overwhelmed, is this a complicated program?

We have built the program at a pace that ensures success. Every week you will learn 2 new dishes that you can put together with minimal stress. By the end of the program, you will be armed with the confidence that comes from having a solid set of go-to recipes in your kitchen toolbox that you know can prepare with ease.

I don’t have a set of basic kitchen skills to begin with. Am I going to be overwhelmed with this program?

Through simple recipes, you’ll learn easy cooking techniques and add recipes to your toolbox. By the end of the program, you’ll be comfortable making new recipes, using new ingredients and feel more confident in the kitchen.

I don’t love cooking. Is this program right for me?

Of course! Food is the medicine we eat every day and eating is a daily necessity. In the course you will learn simple recipes you can recreate with ease. By learning to prepare your toolbox recipes, you’ll save time and money by reducing the amount of processed food or take-out you eat and stop reaching for the pre-packaged foods that don’t serve you. You may even learn to love the process of cooking!

“On the first day I had easy, healthy and delicious food at the ready while breaking out of my somewhat boring old food routine. I'm excited to continue on building my tool kit with FWAL!”

— Stephanie, FWAL Menu Planning Member


Living a full and vibrant life
starts with your plate